Building the Operations Plan for Centurion has been an effort that started many years ago. It began with a vision in 1984 and has been something of an evolving operational plan ever since. It’s time to launch it and take the fight to the enemy. I hope you will join me!

David is a follower of Jesus, with over 34 professional years engaging in Culture, Conflict, Ministry and Leadership. He has walked with Jesus since 1979. David has lived and worked in law enforcement, security, government contracting and ministry/missions. His career focus has centered around special operations, risk management and leadership, while serving in law enforcement, homeland, intelligence/investigations, and in Christian ministry / missions. This site is about Real Life. Real Faith. Real Grit.

Have you ever been hit so hard, you didn’t know if you could get back up? Well, this site will help you get back up and stay in life’s battles – and remain relevant. The Bible tells us that we were born into a war and that we are on a journey – a mission – behind enemy lines. We don’t really act much like we’re at war! What if we did? What if we all in a moment decided that we were going to take the fight to the enemy? What if we began to live our lives as Jesus taught and we learned to love, build unity / community (Psalm. 133) and to wage a war that for the most part has been greatly ignored in our generation?

I write these words during a great global pandemic (COVID-19). Life has changed and the way we approach life must change. Church must change. Business must change. Education has changed. There’s no going back. But, it is very likely that America will fall back again into a slumber while the enemy continues to advance. If you are tired of the status quo and want more out of faith and life, then this site is for you.

Nothing Changes – IF – Nothing Changes

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Nothing Changes – If – Nothing Changes

My son gave me a tee-shirt this past Christmas. It said simply “Nothing Changes – IF – Nothing Changes. I love Os Hillman and have read his works for many years. He has a program and associated books and materials called “Change Agent.” Isn’t that what we should be in these dark times of racial tension, violence in the streets, social conflict, and global tensions?

It is my hope and prayer that this site and the future of it in production and media will become a change agent for good, unity and for the healing of the hearts of men. I know what it is to be broken. Severely broken. I also know what it is to be restored, healed and made whole by a God Who is constantly at work, Who fights for us (Exodus 14: 14), and Who is as close and personal as our most intimate relationships.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, journey with me. I’ve traveled the world many times in my professional and ministry life. This journey may take us to places around the globe as we talk with others who journey this same pilgrimage. But, this journey is also going to take us inward. It will trek through high and low places, light and dark places. It will take you, and me into our innermost places of the heart and soul. It’s here where we will discover ourselves and we’ll find healing and restoration for broken hearts, souls, minds and emotions.

My spiritual journey began in 1974. I’ve done the reconnaissance for the last 46 years of my life. I’ll share some of the reports with you here – but we’re also going on mission together and we’ll begin to take the fight to the enemy. Together, we’ll strike in ways that, I hope and pray, will help to change us individually, change our families and communities, change our churches and governments – perhaps even change the world. Yet, even with that D-Day mission scope, it’s critical to realize, it all starts with you and me. It starts at home and in our local community. One heart at a time.

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