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You Can, When You Know That He Can. Phil. 4: 13

Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition (image above from that expedition) in 1914 was supposed to be the greatest expedition ever in the time of the great Antarctic explorations. The expedition itself generally failed, but the mission became known as one of the greatest demonstrations of endurance in history.

Sometimes we don’t win. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we fail badly. Ah… but there is a weapon that we all can wield. Endurance! It is that great equalizer and an arrow in the quiver of every human being. We are not destined to failure. We can finish strong – and even win, if we are willing to endure and persevere.

In our generation of “everyone gets a trophy,” and fast-food pop culture, we sometimes fail to realize that the saying, “Mistakes are never a failure – they can be turned into wisdom” (- Cat Cora), and the many other variations of the same, represent only a partial truth.

This idea and ideology is a double-edged sword. Yes, we can turn our failures into new opportunities. We can emerge from failure to fight another day. However, this is not always the case, and to believe it is not only short sighted, it is a lie. It sets up our younger generation with expectations that are just not realistic. But, as we study the battlefield of life, we can prepare for many situations and overcome many obstacles through planning, sound strategy, and endurance.

Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes we don’t learn from our mistakes. Yet, sometimes we do learn. Sometimes we overcome. Sometimes we win, even when the odds are against us. Our best life lessons must center around this one thing. Endurance. If we do not give up, we persevere and keep going, sometimes our mistakes, and sometimes our failures just may become our biggest victories. The more we train our mind to endure, the more we raise the probability of success. Sometimes it just takes grit. Endurance Rising!

It Just Took Perseverance!

So check this out and be encouraged! I didn’t take that top image of the Neowise comet, but I did take the other three in this blog. Here’s a short thought for you during these difficult times in our culture. It occurred to me as the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart after Kathy commented…

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