2021 COVID-19 Global Pandemic

COVID hit in early spring 2020… It’s now late Winter – 2021 and COVID seems to be on the rise again. There’s a vaccine now, but there’s also a lot of anxiety about whether it’s safe and whether we should take it or not – or wait? A lot of folks and families have suffered greatly. From loss of jobs and income, to loss of life. People all around the world are suffering. There is a rise of a new strain and even a recent discovery of a fungal type contagion threatening to grow into pandemic proportions.

Here’s a few articles written during the first round of the pandemic. You might find them helpful. I really need to update when time permits! They contain some practical things you can do to prepare as well as several suggestions regarding faith and mental preparedness. Always remember, in a crisis, your mind is your most important resource outside of your faith! Hang in there!

Overcoming Fear, Uncertainty and the Coronavirus (Part Three)

Is the Coronavirus God’s Judgement? This last blog contains some requested commentary on the “big picture”, as well as some practical “advice” for thriving in the midst of disaster. There is a lot of doom and gloom discussion taking place in social media and in the news. There’s also a good deal of pollyanna wishful…

Overcoming Fear, Uncertainty and the Coronavirus (Part Two)

We’re in This Together! We were driving along a lonely road in my home state a couple days ago and noticed that the DOT digital sign said “We’re in this together!” The first blog post a few days ago somewhat laid the groundwork for this discussion, but as we passed under the sign, I had…

Overcoming Fear, Uncertainty and the Coronavirus (Part One)

Thriving While Others are Surviving is a Matter of the Mind Recently, a pastor and good friend asked me to define a “shepherd.” Our discussion was focused around the responsibilities of a pastor in the context of leading at the local church level. His first question was, “How would you define being a pastor?” The…

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