Peer Support

Have you ever experienced a crisis? Have you been involved in a catastrophic event, experience extreme violence, combat or lost someone life-close to you? Sometimes even counselors and pastors experience trauma over long periods of time living through and helping others to cope with their own emotions. These events and circumstances can have a cumulative affect and need to be engaged with care.

Life comes at us hard sometimes. Sometimes we see or experience things our minds and emotions were just not meant to process. We process them – but sometimes there’s a price to pay, and sometimes that price is just too high without some help. There’s a cumulative affect over time when we experience violence. Peer Support and Coaching are a couple of ways that we have learned to help one another.

We’re building this page and the associated links to share resources so you and others may find the help you need. We ALL need help sometimes.

The Mind is Powerful: Care for It and It Will Care for You

The Mind is Powerful. We Need to Care for It

Transformed (2021-04)

Chuck Allen, Head Pastor at Sugar Hill Church met with Julie Homrich and shared a Sunday message that just might transform your life! They discuss openly on the platform before a live Sugar Hill congregation the science behind the way God designed our brain and how our emotions are tied to everything we do in life. This message is part of the Sugar Hill series called “Transformed.” The first step to recovering from emotional trauma caused by a number of life circumstances is found right in the science of the mind. The Bible also talks openly and clearly about renewing the mind and how we can be set free from many of the emotional traps that ensnare us. If you are suffering or know someone suffering from emotional trauma, please take a few moments and listen to this incredible discussion!

Transformed! Listen to the Audio Only!

Overwhelmed (2021-02)

Chuck preached an amazing message on being overwhelmed and how we need to think about how we use our time and how being overwhelmed affects us, our lives, marriages and relationships. This message is critical to living a healthy life and to seeking and finding balance.

Overwhelmed! Listen to the Audio only!

There will be a LOT more here in the way of resources, blogs and videos. Please stay a while and spend a little time with Pastor Chuck! You won’t be disappointed and maybe you’ll find what you need to begin your journey to a strong and healthy mind.

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