Spiritual Warfare

Strategic Level Battle – Warfare

So often we skip right over the matter of battle and war taking place within the constructs of what we believe as Christians. Having walked with God now for the majority of my life, now over 40 years, I can look back and clearly see that we are indeed at war. In some instances, it is even clear to see where this enemy of God has been engaged and clear to see his efforts in attempting to de-saddle me from ministry – and even life.

There are numerous books and messages out there on “Spiritual Warfare.” But, it seems as I consider what I’ve heard, read and experienced over a half a century, I realize that we really have really only begun the discussion, and sadly never really engaged the enemy at the strategic level. We loosely use the words and terms of “spiritual warfare,” without really understanding, much less realizing that we are painting a blanket picture over something that happens at both the strategic (warfare) and the tactical (combat) levels.

Many well-intentioned preachers, as well as teachers delve into this mysterious valley of the shadow of death without ever realizing that the enemy is watching, listening and engaged.

Our generation is a generation of chaos and toxic social substance. The scriptures that speak of the end-times as well as the last days are unfolding right in front of our eyes – yet, we fail to see. Much like the stories of old in the Old Testament of the Bible, we have missed the very substance of what is going on all around us. What we see with our eyes – and what we see with our spiritual eyes are not mutually exclusive. If we are to survive these days and if America is to continue moving forward into the future, then we will have to revisit much of what we have been taught and much of what we believe. It’s safe to say that not much of what has been claimed as truth has had an impact on the Kingdoms of Darkness in this world.

Let’s walk this pathway together and learn about how we can take the fight to the enemy. Let’s learn to draw back from talking so much and learn how we can begin DOING what needs to be done to win more battles (combat) and maybe even see some major impacts in our lifetime in winning the war for our souls and this world.

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