Spiritual CQB/C

Coming Spring 2023!

Close Quarters Battle / Combat (CQB/C) in the Spirit

So often we hear from the pulpit or read in books about “spiritual warfare.” The ideas and narratives are many times lofty and generalized. Here, we’re going to get into the dirt, on the ground, and find our grit, as we learn to engage the enemy up close and personal. This project is built from real-life experience and from the stories of real people who have lived it. Jesus did – but what we learn from the life of Jesus, the Apostles, and the scriptures is more direct and personal than many contemporary messages that just identify the “enemy” or “adversary.” Some even teach that we should not acknowledge or speak of the adversary, as this gives him power.

I made the mistake of trying to love this way for a number of years after being involved in a task force that dealt with occult crimes. I thought if I left the enemy alone, he would leave me alone as well. I was wrong. The scriptures teach us to be vigilant. It’s time the Church and God’s spiritual warriors learn to take the fight to the enemy. Much focus will be given to prayer and intercession and the role these spiritual tools play in armoring the believer. However, we will also dive deep into the tactics of the enemy and how he uses our minds against us. We’ll grapple with the enemy together and see victory over darkness in hose places of our lives that we have just surrendered in hopes the adversary would just go away – or leave us alone.

That’s not his nature. It’s also not what the scripture teaches. Let’s learn, train, and eventually fight together on one united front. Stand firm!

Learning to understand the enemy’s tactics is critical to the warrior’s prayer life. We can go with Jesus into battle.

Preparing warrior hearts and minds, as well as spiritual leaders, and to teach how to carry Christ into battle with them wherever their paths may lead; This is our objective in this project! We are called to bear the sword. Our calling is no less legitimate than the calling on a pastor or other minister of the Gospel. It’s time to build spiritual strength and discernment into our warriors and for all of us to learn how we can win the spirit war while fighting in the terrestrial.

We have a very special announcement coming soon! We’ll be setting up secure units on ISM Intelligent Social Media, and working to develop strong spiritual combat units all over the world. More info here really soon!

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