Hate and Justice

Race Toward Freedom: A Voice for All People

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Psalm 133: 1 (Bible, NKJV)

Walk with me as I take you on a journey into fearful places. Enter with me the Race Toward Freedom. Racism is purely a byproduct of hate – hate in the heart of mankind. A dark part of the human condition. Some parts of this race will be my own life’s journey into the depths of racial hatred – and healing. Some will come from the truths found in accurate and factual research as we race back into history to learn Truth. Some of that truth was forged by the blood of brave souls gone before us. Some of it through the sacrifice of those who’s names and identities will never be known. Yet, those brave souls remain heroes of faith and freedom nonetheless.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Many of us still have a dream. Let us never stop dreaming of Freedom for all. Let us pursue that ElusiveFreedom until all men know that is the path for all mankind.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you dare, journey with me into places that few have gone and even fewer wish to go. This journey turns into the headwinds of racism. But in it’s reality, it journeys into the depths of the hearts of men. We can cure this disease that has plagued man since the beginning of history. Our generation can be the generation to see this spiritual virus begin it’s death and burial. But, it will take work. A lot of work. It will take grit and tenacity. It will take us digging deep into our souls and finding that strength and courage to work together. There have been casualties. There will be more.

I believe this fight is worth fighting. Many of us have a dream. It’s time to wake up from sleeping and to drive this enemy out of our culture. The human culture. A beautiful tapestry we are, when we live in unity. This fight may outlast the days God has allotted me. Perhaps you will also not see the end of it. But, if we pick up where some of those brave souls before us left off, and we find our courage and strength to fight together, we may just see this war of peace and the tides of injustice begin to turn. Walk with me a little ways…

Slavery: Let’s Talk About It

Slavery is a topic no one likes to talk about. It’s an evil that still haunts the soul of America. But, did it start here in the United States? Is it a topic we can actually come to the table – together – and discuss? History is not kind to those who committed these atrocities. Nor, should it be kind. Yet, do we actually know the truth?

I started on this trail many years ago. I was so proud of my ancestry and for my great great grandfather and his brother for fighting to free the slaves. For several years I held my head high as I considered the heroic acts and history in my own blood line… Then, one day… I was researching my Scottish ancestry on my grandmother’s side. Incredible to be 22 generations direct line from Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. Ties to the actual Macbeth and even to the Vikings. It’s neat to research back that far and to find your roots. But then, I started digging into the times around the Civil War, searching for similar stories of heroic acts and fighting for justice and freedom. But, that’s not what I found.

I was crushed. Angry. I already had been involved in many engagements on the topic, as I served in a major law enforcement agency in the southern states. First hand, I experienced both sides of this war of hate between men. I had served as advocate and fell as victim. I was vested. Yet, being from Kentucky, even in my own family, my roots were divided. Fractured. Even today, the results of that evil strand of DNA takes its course.

We can do this TOGETHER. We are StrongerTogether! Don’t give up, and don;t give in to hatred and rhetoric designed to support and build a socialist agenda.

this problem is not just a problem of race and skin color


The blogs to the right here are short articles I have written over the years. The information comes from solid research, my own experience, my faith in Jesus Christ, and my own commentary and opinions based on all of these elements.

Fear of Law Enforcement. Where it Began

So, when you think about Kaepernick taking a knee or any other generalized “resistance” to law enforcement, you might consider that those who struggle with this struggle today, do so through the very DNA and emotional history of their ancestors.

Why We Fight

Elusive Freedom is a project I started in 2008 and have been researching, compiling and planning ever since. Racism in the southern states has always been a toxic contagion to me and I have fought it whenever I have been able. I have chosen to focus on my namesake side of the family. However, while enthused and interested in the Scot and Viking heritages of old, there still remains, even in my own blood, a line to those who should have known better. I line of my own heritage that causes me shame and disgust when I think about it.

There is indeed much history that we can all learn from and history that can set us free if we are willing to pay attention. On the other hand, this problem is not just a problem of race and skin color. There’s much discussion to be had and many round tables to fill with those willing to fight this battle. Let’s work together and attack this toxic front together! I’ll do my best to provide solid, factual and accurate information here and on the Elusive Freedom site. I hope you will help me and walk a ways with me in this difficult and sometimes rugged journey.

Racism is a toxic contagion and we must fight it as we have fought COVID – Together

Racism: Let’s Talk About It

It’s never been an easy topic – not in any generation or for any culture of people. Hate seems to be easy – and forgiveness… well, forgiveness is darn near impossible for some who have been hurt by others. I guess it would be fair to say, that I have been one of those folks. But, around 2008, the Lord began to speak into my heart on this matter and I began to listen to Him. Since that time, I have devoted a significant amount of time and resources to study, travel, social engagement and research. You know what I’ve learned so far? Generally, that racism isn;t the issue. It is a symptom of a deeper problem thaat we all share. Sin.

The condition of the human heart and soul is wicked. We are all capable of killing our brother. I’m sure you know or remember the story of Cain and Able in Genesis. I have my own stories of having been a victim to racism, as do many of my friends, family, children and colleagues. It is easy to hate. It’s in our nature. I’ve found though, there is FREEDOM in forgiveness and a willingness to listen and work together. Let’s be StrongerTogether and fight forward toward UNITY. Let’s talk about it!

©2020 davidHENDERMAN

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