Social EDU: Freedumb is Free, Freedom is not

Turns out, there has been a lot of interest in these blogs and the topics. Now we’re planning an e-book and supporting materials for churches and schools. This resource should be available by Fall 2022!

A Coming e-Book, Videos, On-Line Resources, Presentations and Networking (Fall 2022)

Hope Remains…

The mind and the intellect are a strong weapon for good and evil. We must choose whom and what we will serve in our lifetimes. We believe our decisions and behaviors are our own – but are they? Social media has become perhaps the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in our time. You need to understand why.

Social media has become perhaps the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in our time.

David Henderman, CPP

In 2017, David Henderman, CPP wrote his first article on the toxicity of social media and the effects it is having on modern society. Unfortunately, not many people who were exposed to the intelligence and predictions listened. Rather, Government and Church leaders continued their path to self-service and destruction, never knowing or grasping the impacts that their behavioral inertia would have on them in the emerging future.

Fast-forward to today. From President Trump to the numerous, known and unknown personalities, businesses and sites that have been “taken down” or removed under the pretense that they violated some sort of policy or norm that was established by the private entities who are rising to rule the world in our post-modern culture.

The following two links are papers you may download and share that address these issues. You could say they were predictive of the state of things as they are today with social media and news. Some might say they were “prophetic,” but in reality, this was and still is all predictable. The problem is our leaders are living in denial and undergirded by professional ignorance. It’s time people take back their land and fight for what they believe. Watching and waiting rarely works. In this case, the frog is in the kettle – it’s time to wake up and jump out of the steamy comfortable water – before it’s too late.

Articles that can help you find your way in a very confusing maze of media:

This blog series will hopefully become eye-opening and engaging for a generation of parents and education professionals who have been lost in the chaos of the social media [r]evolution. Our children – even our older children are in harm’s way – and not to sound too cliché or dramatic, but social media and the Internet are a “clear and present danger” to American families, communities, and even to our national security. I think you will be shocked the deeper we go into the darkness of social media and the Internet. I hope you will be moved to act and to awaken from the slumber that has come over your cognitive brain. Rescue your family Dad! Sound the alarm Mom! It is time to wake up – there is war at the gates!

Dark War. Get Up, Go Forward!

[OP-ed] Opposition Editorial to the Main-Stream Conservative/Christian Editorial I am REALLY FRUSTRATED (Are you?) by what I see happening in the Christian and conservative communities. I do not see these as mutually exclusive, to be clear. Over the last few years, I’ve watched both of these communities dwindle to a bunch of yelling, complaining, anger-filled…

Toxic Social Media and the Dark Web: Part III

“Like Cancer.” Do You Have It? Both science and scripture support the toxicity claims regarding social media. Can you imagine a day without your mobile devices? A few will say that this is a wonderful thought, but the majority of people live in complete dependence on mobile devices and social networks. They are addictive. Social…

Toxic Social Media and the Dark Web: Part II

Let’s continue to define some of the issues that parents, teachers and leaders need to be considering. There is no simple way to define or describe the complexities of the issues causing our children and society to become at risk. The last blog spoke into some surface-level issues that face kids and families. What about…

Toxic Social Media and the Dark Web: Part I

Do you remember the last time you dropped your middle-schooler off downtown in the big city nearest you? I mean let them and their friends out in the middle of… well, you know what I mean, don’t you? No? Well, how about the last time you approved of your high-school-age kids going to the local…

2019 Culture Shapers Summit

The 2019 Culture Shapers Summit was held in Washington, DC March 28-31, 2019. It featured 54 national leaders who presented on culture shaping topics in business, government, education, family, media, arts & entertainment and church. There were 10 keynote presentations and over 36 Ted-talk 10- minute presentations with Q&A panels. (Source:

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