Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Leadership in a Global Digital Age of Conflict

This is a new section dedicated to learning more about what God’s Word says about our support for government and our leaders. It’s not optional. The Bible clearly tells us to support the government and to pray for our leaders. The first of these articles was actually just a Facebook post in 2016 that was transferred here when I first set up this site. It’s not written with “polish,” but it definitely is definitive and directed. The last three were written in 2021, as a follow-up, four years later.

Prophetic? Predictive for sure… Let’s talk about it together.

As warriors, priests, and servant-leaders, it is our responsibility to discern God’s will for the Church and the Country. We have failed when it comes to discerning rightly – see 2 Timothy. What do you know about “power”? The kinds of power we wield today often determine the outcome of our leaders. The Church missed the mark when it came to the terms “power-over” and “power-with.”

If you would like to know and understand more, please take the time to read these lengthy articles and then we’ll come back with teaching on what we/you can do to change this course before it’s too late.

Don’t give up! Take your time. Read, think and pray on them. Ask God for wisdom and He will answer you. Slow down. These writings provide good material for you and your people to discuss. I believe the Church bought into a great deception regarding power, but we serve a God Who forgives, restores, heals and makes our crooked paths straight. Phil. 4: 13 is a good place to begin thinking and praying. Let’s talk about Cyrus!

Cyrus-Trump. Fool’s Gold and Lessons Learned (Do We Need a King? Part III)

“This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts.”Zechariah 4:6, Bible, NKJV Do you think if Israel and her leaders had been living and moving into Freedom from the days of Cyrus’ reign that God would have said this to Zerubbabel? It is also important to remember…

Cyrus-Trump. Fools Gold and Lessons Learned (Do We Need a King? Part II)

Fool’s Gold – Not a Judgement, Just a Few Lessons-Learned from a Battle-Brother There is enough to write here that this could easily become a book or an article series. Israel declaring Donald Trump as “Cyrus” has a very different context than the American evangelical community claiming the same. In some cases, I would submit…

Do We Need a King?

In the old days of Israel, Samuel was a prophet of God and the people of Israel did not need a king. They obeyed God and He provided for them.

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