Life Coaching

Centurion has partnered with LEAPS in support of Peer Counseling and Coaching for Law Enforcement, Military and Ministry Leaders, Organizations and Personnel. There are some pretty exciting new services on the horizon that will help build strength into the hearts of warriors and leaders. Crisis and trauma affect all of us. It’s time to face the facts and turn into crisis and help each other to navigate the turbulent times around us. For those who serve, it’s time to help strengthen the hearts of our leaders by addressing the traumatic events they engage so others may sleep well knowing they are safe.

Strengthening Family and Relationships Through Peer Support & Coaching

LEAPS has conducted more than 50 peer support certification classes in 10 states and hundreds of Officer Involved Shooting classes in 17 states since 2007. LEAPS will be working with Centurion to develop training and hands-on practical support for both military and ministry. Imagine a solid Biblical process for supporting pastors, counselors and chaplains! Finally, there is support for those called according to Romans 13.

Beginning January 2021, Centurion will offer support directly to organizations and through local churches beginning with Sugar Hill Church (Atlanta, GA). We’ll have a lot of information for you soon at this location and on this Centurion blog site.

You are not alone. There is help and support from others who understand.

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