This is Who We Are…

So, Who Are We?

The TRUTH is, we don’t really know any longer. Diversity has been so misused and what was originally meant as a virtue has become a dogmatic tyrannical mandate. We’ve lost who we are in the fog of wars and chaos. But, I BELIEVE IT’S NOT TOO LATE. There will be trouble and we may see trying times. But, there is hope. My sites are on causing hope to rise again in this nation and around the world – One person at a time.

Traveling this world for more than half a century now, I’ve realized that the more I learn about life, love, happiness, faith, conflict, good, evil and every other thing you or I can imagine as critical roles to life – has been destroyed. Recent events have set the stage for many to doubt, fear, hate and even bring matters to an end for themselves. We are at a critical time in history. Some might say the United States is falling (and I wouldn’t disagree), but I think others would say that the world seems to be on a crash course for disaster.

I’ve seen a lot of darkness through my life and had the privilege of being what some might call one of the “good guys.” But today is an odd time in history, where even the good guys are no longer seen as good and what we know to be TRUE is many times now interpreted as “relative” or speculative. As MODERNISM gave way to a POST-MODERN era, now Post modernism is giving way to something much more sinister.

The modern American Church is crumbling and in her death throws (from pragmatism, pluralism and humanism) clutching onto mass marketing and emotional programs that light like a flash in the pan – and then they’re gone! Government is in complete chaos and few trust what comes out of D.C. or even their own State capitols these days. A cry from both government and church sound for “social justice” and even sound the alarm for culture “revolution,” and even “war.”

So, what is the answer? Are there answers to these questions and many more that haunt contemporary society nearly every day of life? What about the whole issue of radical Islam – or, the “American Dream”? Where do we go from here? Can these worldview coexist?

Well, I have a theory. I also have a plan. But, that theory – and the plan, involve all of us “regular folks” who can still see the vision of what this country could become, and also what the Church should be in our daily lives. The theory and the plan do not set out to change people or to attempt to get anyone to follow me. My hope is to give you the tools you need to make CHANGE right where you are, with what you have today and to learn how to use critical thinking again. 

Don’t give up! Ayn Rand may have called it right (you’ll have to do your research), but I think we are better than that! I believe good people can and will rise up. I believe the smoke will clear as we restore our families, communities, churches and cultures.

Don’t be fooled by all of the CAUSE MARKETING plans perpetrated by modern church leaders or by a desperate and leftist government ethos. CULTURE is something that is bestowed by God and part of what we need to hold onto to survive and to thrive. When you hear “Attack [or] Confront the Culture…” Be on guard! Look for substance and definition and don’t just follow the pied pipers! CULTURE is a beautiful thing and woven together with wisdom, culture makes us strong and brings back with it a true sense of healthy diversity.

There is no such thing as a “culture” that can be confronted. It is a senseless as some of the approach to the war on “terror.” A learned dysfunctional behavior, both the government and the church have launched campaigns against intangible objects and attempted to use what we will later define as “traditional strategy” against an asymmetric enemy, and social ethos. It simple will not work and vast resources have been wasted chasing windmills… thinking they are dragons (Don Quixote).

We may not agree on everything, but I intend to provide you with sound information, guidance and tools for you to develop your own discernment and planning skills. I will do this through the worldview and ethos of Faith in Jesus Christ and the precepts, wisdom and knowledge found in the Bible. I’ll also use documented (not fabricated) history and other sources that will allow you to do your own research, study and ultimately to develop the skill of critical thinking in these matters.

Our diversity and our cultures are something beautiful that God has bestowed to all people. Isn’t it about time we begin to weave a beautiful tapestry with them, rather than continue to tear each other, our families and communities apart? I think so, and hope this site and blog will become a blessing and a safe place for those who might need such a place in their life and journey. Shalom.

©2016 davidHENDERMAN

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