Born Into War: If I Were A Leader in The Lord’s Resistance

Enemy occupied territory – that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.”

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Reconnaissance Report

“Sir, we’ve finished our assessment. The warriors are assembling and prepared to brief you in the war room. The enemy has successfully lured both the Church and the free world into a global on-line snare that can easily be manipulated. They started it years ago as you know as a means to establish what they called “global community.” Unfortunately, the dark lord fooled them into believing they could use his tools for our King’s glory.

We’ve noted that their heart and intentions are good, but they have failed to see the trap they have walked into. It’s only a matter of time before they have developed a level of dependency on the worldly tools that they will not be able to turn back. When the dark army discontinues their access and ability to use these tools, they will not know what to do, very similarly to what happened as the Corona pandemic began to cover the lands. They have become motivated – some by fear, and some by believing they are in the know, and keeping up with those in the world.

They accepted the lie and now believe they are following King Jesus while they establish spiritual facades using the tools the devil provided them for free. While their work is genuine, it is built on houses of sand, just like Jesus warned of before He came back home. Sir, it looks a lot like some of the stories God had men to record in the old days. It looks a lot like the writings of John when he was held captive on Patmos.

The processes they refer to as “artificial intelligence” have begun to take root in what used to be rational thought and reasoning. Through technology, mostly what they now call big data analytics, they are able to accurately predict what people and groups will do before they do it. They are able to move people from one opinion to another because they know the hearts of men, through machines.

People and organizations have become so used to believing they are experts at most anything, it is nearly impossible to create or build unified commands in the field. Each person believes what they will and even worse, they now believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Sir, I think you may be shocked when you read the report. You may also be greatly alarmed when you find out just how wicked some of the lies they have bought into really are. They have come to a place where they have believed the lies and rejected the things that we thought for generations were just common-sense truths.

The Church is scattered more than ever, and the global pandemic has assisted the enemy in driving them more into using what they have called “free solutions.” In short, the world is becoming darker every day and many of the people who were once free, now live in a state of on-line behavior that is in many cases different from who they are in the real world,” said the burly angelic warrior named Migel. Migel had been on earth fighting in the Lord’s resistance and supporting humans for many generations. Although he frequently traveled back and forth between heaven and earth, Migel spent much of his time in Central and South America helping to fight against the dark spirits responsible for organizing and launching the great campaign to ensnare millions on illicit drugs and to capture thousands of young women who would be sold into a type of slavery that could operate under the radar of both free thinkers and the spirit warriors of the church at large.

Migel was speaking quietly, but firmly as he addressed his commander. Luz was also a seasoned angelic warrior who had been fighting on earth for many generations. He was well acquainted with the sons of men and while he had seen many victories in his years serving El Shadai, Migel could see the growing concern in deep light-filled eyes of Commander Luz. They were both standing in an angelic stronghold just this side of Heaven. Somewhere between heaven and earth, these two were discussing the phase in the battle to capture the earth and to save or destroy the sons of men.

This war isn’t just effecting adults. Children are the real victims, as is their future.

The New “Normal”

We live in a time where families are struggling to just maintain a level of “normal.” Statistics tell us that the family unit is losing the battle to culture and that marriage is really not all that necessary any longer. But, what about the children? Our children have been left to find their way on their own and both the cyber world and social media have provided them a guide. Most parents have no idea what their sons and daughters are doing on-line, on their mobile devices – and as a generality, most kids don’t know what they are doing until it is too late.

I plan to write more on this specifically, but for now, we can paint a thumbnail sketch by factually stating that your kids and mine are subject to darkness unprecedented within the infrastructure of social media and the internet. They are becoming lost in on-line personalities as they camouflage their activities and learn through socialization how to hide their activities and newly found “norms” from parents, teachers and authorities. I won’t focus on this here, but suffice it to say, if you are not involved in your child’s on-line activities, you may be sitting on the sidelines watching as your son or daughter are committing emotional and spiritual suicide. But, let me pull up a little from the ground war and the subversive activities of the enemy and let’s take a look at what should be the obvious to our slumbering leaders.

I think the most difficult part of my professional life presently is realizing that the country is at war, the Church is at war, and there doesn’t seem to be many in leadership willing to acknowledge it, and much less, do anything about it. I mentioned in the section “If I Were the Devil’s War Planner,” that in essence, I was born into war in 1964. My entire life has been skirting along the edges of wars and rumors of wars. Yet, it’s like a scene from the movie “The Matrix” at times. I wonder if people are actually seeing what is happening around them. Having transitioned from tactical and investigations into homeland, intelligence and technology, I don’t understand why present-day leaders are not on these nuances of global war and tech-war like the proverbial white on rice. In my field all I hear is “secure, secure, secure.” Then, as I stand by in a professional hiatus working daily on an answer to the question of “secure” communications, I am mesmerized by the shear lunacy of some of the compromises being made to facilitate convenience. I feel like maybe I should move my career toward the fabrication of welcome mats, rather than investing heavily in secure communications and intelligence technologies.

As I write this, we are either on the tail end or at the beginning of a great pandemic. Some say that round two is going to be worse than the first. Some of the learned claim that the entire COVID-19 pandemic has been a media driven event to camouflage and confuse political intentions and to disrupt election outcomes and results. Others, oddly breathing the same air believe that the Coronavirus is the most serious biological threat to the earth and humankind in many generations. Social media has contributed to confusion and people fighting against one another rather than pulling together to form rational think tanks and cohesive strategies designed to help bring unity and community.

What do you believe? Does it matter? It seems like in these days, everyone is doing what seems right to them. Reality is only as deep as the next social post I choose to believe – or not. One thing is for sure, life has changed. We are changing. The world is changing.

The fictitious narrative above might or might not be accurate according to some. However, when I read the Bible, both old and new testaments, I see these kinds of activities taking place as angelic warriors fight for us, and others minster to us. I wonder if spiritual warriors are as concerned as I am about the reports that are emerging every day that should immediately flag the interest of those in leadership and command. Yet, where are these leaders? Who is leading? Who is commanding? Whether you are ninety, or nineteen reading this, can you ever remember a time in your life where so many were so out of sync? If you want to understand why, you may consider looking at the effects of social media on those around you, those you know, perhaps even yourself.

As the pandemic swept over the globe, an emergence in the use of video and virtual presence tools surged in unprecedented fashion. Now the toxicity of social engagement has blended with presence and allowed hackers and state actors not only to profile individual behavior, but to target people, their identities, affiliations, and organizations. Like never in the history of mankind, churches, government, and businesses have compromised their good sense to have presence and community, and to do it for free. Most of the leaders who have made these decisions to use insecure platforms have never considered the devastating blow-back or the real cost of “free” once all of the data is collected, sorted, processed and disseminated. But then, as a believer, I’ve read about this in the last chapter of the book I use to guide my own life. My prayer for the Church and the free world is that leaders will somehow come back to their senses and realize that they too must invest to create change. Riding the waves of innovation created and controlled by those opposed to their ethics and beliefs just isn’t a wise move.

The cost of “free” will become a debt that can not be repaid.

The dust hasn’t settled yet. There is a new “normal.” But there are none except those who might be behind planning it, that can really say what “normal” will look like ten years from now. One thing is for sure. If we don’t wake up and start fighting the war as if it were a war, perhaps we, but without question, our children, will be confronted with a new normal that will result in chaos and a new kind of captivity for all humankind.

If I Were a Leader in the Lord’s Resistance

If I were a leader in the Lord’s resistance, I would be very concerned as to the vulnerability of the Church worldwide. I would produce daily reports for my command briefing them on the state of mankind in the free world and charging them with reaching those leaders who have not yet believed the lies of the enemy regarding free speech, pluralism, post-modernism, diversity and now, socialism. I would be warning of the enemy’s worldwide use of social media to divide and conquer by confusing them about what is right and what is wrong.

If I were a leader in the Lord’s resistance, I would write up detailed plans as to how the Christian community, still called the Body of Christ by some could invest in technologies that would allow it not to compromise by using the tools created by those with a death wish for the Church and a desire to amass power to themselves. I would move those under my protection in a direction of writing relevant materials to instruct and guide leaders away from the snares created by open network platforms and work to sensitize them to the importance of social responsibility. I would make sure that the humans understood that modern social media was hijacked from government ideas and technology years ago and turned into a medium by which the dynamics of group-think and emotional intelligence might be manipulated. Humankind, driven by human nature is subject to deceptions that both men and angels have fallen.

If I were a leader in the Lord’s resistance, I would lead a global campaign right in the face of social media giants and tycoons. I would educate the Churches on how to lead the people in fighting against social chaos and help them to understand that social personas are a real phenomenon that the dark lord created to separate people from their true identities. I would let my command know that when people are confused as to reality and perception created through all of the on-line platforms, it puts families, children and even the generally learned in jeopardy of doing and acting in ways they would not otherwise act.

If I were a leader in the Lord’s resistance, I would very carefully make sure that all-hands of angelic warriors were being dispatched daily to help facilitate intercession in new ways on-line that not only taught the Church how to pray against these dark snares, but also instructed them how to create cells of resistance that could not be destroyed as a single point of failure by any one attack.

In the world of men, and places like the Pentagon, the White House and in the Congress, ignorance of such kinds of warfare are pervasive. I would work hard to move old guard that feared or resisted understanding technology into the lower forty and move fresh new leaders who were able to fight this unseen enemy into positions of influence and command. If I were a resistance leader for the Lord, I would do more than stand on stages and herd important people to gather applause. I would slow down on the public-facing image, glory-grabbing meetings and push those that I protect to bring God’s people together securely.

Teaching them how to invest, innovate and fight spiritual battles, anchored in the minds and emotions of the sons of men, I would make sure my humans knew that they could take the fight to the enemy. I would make sure they understood that they should be fighting on the offensive within the occupied territories of cyberspace, the IoT (internet of things), and social media platforms. I would teach them about the importance of real strategy as opposed to good ideas that make sense in church and business settings, but have little to do in the real world, which I would remind them, is at war.

Stop. And, think about these things and what you really believe.

What if It’s Not Fiction?

We so quickly forget and easily shift our gaze toward the things we want to talk about and the things that give us comfort. Yet, as C.S. Lewis noted, in Mere Christianity, we are indeed at war and for the Christian, we are not only behind enemy lines, but we are being pursued.

Sometimes the American political machine causes us to confuse the notion that there is a separation between “conservatism” and being a follower of Christ, which after his death and resurrection, began to be known as Christians. There are indeed overlaps in these two worldviews, but make no mistake, they are not the same.

“Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. And the Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?”

So Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”” (Bible, NKJV, Job 1: 6-7)

I wonder sometimes if we still really believe this scripture. How about this one, also from the book of Daniel? During the times of Cyrus, King of Persia, Daniel began to seek the Lord on various matters. What do you think about this account?

“Then he said to me, “Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. Now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come.”” (Bible, NKJV, Daniel 10: 10 – 14)

The scriptures clearly describe and demonstrate struggle in both the world and the spirit realms. If we believe the scriptures, then the connections between the two are obvious. Yet, my question to you, and to even me is this, “Do we actually believe we are at war today, and if so, why are we living as if we are not?”

I’ll close with this; for many years I believed if I avoided the devil and looked the other way, maybe he would just leave me alone. I was wrong. We are all wrong in this thinking. As I look back over more than four decades of walking with Jesus, I become keenly aware that this enemy of the Lord has been working hard to take me and my family out of the picture. I wish I could do it over and make a lot of decisions differently. But, since that’s not possible, it seems the next best thing to do is to account for my decisions and to see what I can do to help the next generations not to make the same mistakes.

I am no longer a young man. Yet, I am also not an old man, too tired to make a difference. Life and the World have wounded me deeply and left me wondering at times. The obvious attacks from God’s adversary register much differently with me today than they did when they were happening.

Today, some refer to our current president as “Cyrus-Trump.” This has been an attempt to connect the dots between politics and Faith. I have some thoughts on that, but to close this writing, I would submit for your consideration that mixing what we believe and how we follow an eternal God with modern day politics is a very dangerous game. Understanding the Bible historically is critically important for today’s Christian believer.

The narrative, as well as the fictitious scenario I have created for you are worth your consideration. The details expressed both in “If I Were the Devil’s War Planner” and now in this work are based in real-life and factual knowledge of matters in the cyber world and social media. We are living dangerously, and perhaps, to some degree, on borrowed time.

©2020 davidHENDERMAN

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