II. In Truth There is Freedom: Justice Follows

The first blog in this mini-series, “Just-us or Justice? Truth Matters,” we talked about the problems and shed some light on some of the issues surrounding the agendas actually driving the current social unrest in the United States. Together, we’re learning that the violence and the “protests” are rooted in an agenda that is exploiting many young people and many people who have otherwise good intentions. On the other hand, it is also a means by which thugs around America can come into the open and get away with criminal behavior that in “normal” circumstances would be shunned and condemned by ALL races.

There is a way that seems right to a man,

But its end is the way of death.

Bible, Proverbs 14: 12
Community Policing Works and Most People Appreciate the Police

Socialism is fronted by a massive marketing campaign designed to gather emotional attention and to create a smoke screen to cover factual information. If a man or woman commits a crime – say assault on another person, does it matter what color they are when they commit the crime? Has a crime been committed? Justice comes into play when the TRUTH of the matter is known and when the facts themselves speak for themselves. Can you just for a moment imagine our society without law enforcement? Does this also mean we will dismantle the courts and the justice system? As you read this, does this actually make sense to you?

However, in the heat of the moment and without the facts as your ally, might you be tempted to fall into the trap of believing the rhetoric? This is how information warfare works. If I can get a “yes” out of you for a small matter, or if I can move your emotions to a place of agreement, then I will have a much better chance at moving you to move others into the same trap.

Without going into great detail here, consider that crimes are being committed and the position of many of these people is to unjustly act as if nothing has happened and the police action taken to enforce the laws of the state and community are simply ignored. Really? Is this the place we have come to as a “society”? In history, never has a nation continued to exist that gave in to such immoral culture and social anarchy – not one. But, isn’t that the agenda – to bring down the nation and make change? The socialist agenda adds a pseudo-intellectual tone to the narrative – and poof… just like that, a group of people follow the pseudo-social-justice band wagon. Here’s the tragedy: The ignorance displayed and coddled by those afraid to speak up or resist becomes the fuel needed to move forward the sub-surface agenda. There are always plenty of people who will hate for a cause. There are even more who will jump on a “movement” if it feels good and sounds right to them. It’s a way to release deep hostility and anger rooted elsewhere in their own personal past.

The concern – even the trap redefined: Deep under the surface, people are dividing their thoughts, hearts and allegiances. It runs deep, this hate. Like a Smaug of old in the Tolkien novel The Hobbit, hate is what that age-old enemy of our souls wants us to embrace. It’s like the gold and treasure that Smaug guarded in the Lonely Mountain. Hate is a commerce that can destroy even the strongest of people and the mightiest of nations. It is poison and it is spreading through the veins of the United States, even as you read this blog.

Are we so naive as to think that millions of white people are not sitting quietly and contemplating on the insanity of the moment in our generation? What about their anger? Confusion? What of their angst? Are we so indifferent, so as to believe that millions of black people who do not believe the false narratives and who realize the wickedness of the movement will not at some point begin to push back? But then, how do we unite those who fight for Truth?

So what does this mean? It means the nation is under attack from within, while sitting quietly outside, our enemies watch and take notes. They watch. They prepare. They plan. They assess a broken and chaotic culture at war with itself. They wait… They wait for more opportune times to sow in much larger seeds of discord that will be designed to fracture what is left. They wait to sow in more seeds of distrust so that American law enforcement is weakened and the fibers of stability that reside behind the “thin blue line” can be undone with more certainty. All the while, the ignorant are “mobilized” to do the bidding of those puppet masters pulling the strings.

I explained briefly in the first blog that de-funding law enforcement will never work, but we really didn’t dive too deep into the “why.” We did talk about the scriptural reasons that this notion is not from God, but from Evil. We also covered the facade that has been created concerning actual numbers of “bad cops” compared to the literally hundreds of thousands of good ones. We talked a little about how ridiculous it is to attach “RACE” to the incidents and showed that multiple races, including African-Americans have been involved at one level or another in most of the incidents.

But, what we haven’t talked about yet, and what we will cover to some degree in this discussion are the facts. The TRUTH. You know, the Truth Matters. We also know that by truth being revealed, we are then empowered to render Justice. True Justice and Equality for ALL. In this series, we will talk about some of those truths that began with the American Civil War. There’s a lot of “liberty” being taken when it comes to discussions about Juneteenth and Emancipation. Oh, some of you just said “What’s Juneteeth?”

We’re going to shine a light on these matters and see if the truth actually matters to us as a people – not as one race or another. HISTORY MATTERS. TRUTH MATTERS. I’d love to go back as far as the American Revolution and before, during the times when America was first being explored. But, we won’t have time for that here. Our Founding Fathers made some pretty poor judgments when they penned the Constitution and failed to honor their own words regarding “FREEDOM” and “Liberty for all.” That’ll have to be for another time, and for the book. For now, I want to present enough “evidence” for you to do your own research and to empower you to launch your own truth campaign in an effort to bring FREEDOM to your own community.

Think with your mind. Here’s a few places to start connecting the dots for yourself.

How About a Few Things to Consider As You Do Your Own Thinking

So, here’s my approach on this part of the trilogy. I’m not trying to facilitate an expose here. That’s not my intent, nor is it the mission of Centurion or ElusiveFreedom. However, I am attempting to provide trail-heads for other researchers, intelligent people and pastors. As a teacher and instructor, I love to see people succeed! Sometimes the best pay you can get for teaching is to see your students apply what they have been given. Those calls and letters that come back that start out with “Guess what!?” or ‘That saved my life!” are the best payment a teacher could ever ask to receive in return for the effort you put into teaching.

Let’s get started! Here’s some items you will want to research and think about before attaching your wagon to horses headed to somewhere you very well may not wish to go.

… “perception” is at times more important than reality. Key words and phrases are used to draw images and elicit emotions from those who will experience them.


As we get started, something to remember is that in information warfare / manipulation and in marketing strategy, “perception” is at times more important than reality. Key words and phrases are used to draw images and elicit emotions from those who will experience them. In some of these leads and trail-heads, you will notice that names of projects and names of companies in some way give away the intent of the entity. They may also align or “flow” with other entities they are related to in an operational sense. This is not uncommon in “movements” and “cause” organizations. Why? Because people are moved by emotions and people love to belong to movements that make them feel good.

1. Follow The Money Trails

Some organizations you will want to research are ActBlue, Thousand Currents, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Black Lives Matter Global Network. If you want to understand the global network and intentions of an organization, you must also understand how that organization relates to and operates within the network and organizational structures of other networks and organizations. In this case, ActBlue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to provide a tax-exempt platform that supports organizations affiliated with the Democratic Party and other “liberal non-profit organizations.” It’s not easy to unravel some of these kinds of things at times, but if you do a little research, the connections, relationships and networks should become obvious for you.

2. Who’s Who in the Network?

Well, first, did you know that Black Lives Matter is an organization that spreads its footprint across the nation with loosely held LLC corporations in many states? It is also an international organization. Do you remember what we discussed concerning the founding members? Go back to the first article to click on some of the links (hot linked text in the narratives) that will provide you information concerning their Marxist training, ideology and intent. But did you know this:

Thousand Currents is the fiscal sponsor for Black Lives Matter. In other words, when you give to BLM, you are actually giving to Thousand Currents. When you give to ActBlue for BLM, you are giving to Thousand Currents. They manage BLM and all of its fiscal responsibilities. “So what,” you might be tempted to say if you didn’t know any more of the story. But wait! How about this little fact: Susan Rosenberg is the Vice Chairman for Thousand Currents. Do you know who Susan Rosenburg is – was? Let’s connect Rosenberg to BLM’s Managing Director.

Let’s start with Kailee Scales, who is the Managing Director for BLM Global Network. In 2018, Thousand Currents reported that Ms. Scales was the Director (General) for Thousand Currents. Hmmm… do you see a conflict of interest for a 501(c)(3) reporting non-biased contributions? Let’s keep going.

Kailee Scales also served on the Thousand Currents Board of Directors with Susan Rosenberg, who was in 2018 the Vice Chairman of the same Board. Again, you may want to do some research on Rosenberg, but in short, she was the same Susan Rosenberg who was arrested on federal charges in 1984 and then again in 1990. She was a member and trained by the Weather Underground and other domestic terrorist organizations. She was convicted and sentenced to 58 years in prison. However, just as Bill Clinton left office he commuted her sentence. Please do your own research, but in short, Rosenberg was very involved with domestic terror, illegal guns and explosives and plots to destroy property and kill people. Does this match your vision of “peace and justice?” Let’s connect a few more dots before we move on to point number three. So what of the BLM founding women?

Do you recall in the first article, Patriss Cullors own testimony clearly positions her as a “trained marxist” and “the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview,” Source: Breitbart News Both Cullors and Alicia Garza (BLM Co-Founder) are both “Trained Organizers,” referring specifically to Marxism and Socialism organizing. There are numerous sources to support this, but it seems pretty legit to use Ms. Cullors own testimony, don’t you think?

So, can I ask you a simple question? Does this bother you? Are you ok with this information? I haven’t even presented you with the details – just enough for you to get started. But, I wonder… isn’t it kind of like a fire on the stove? Do you need to put your hand in the flames to understand it will burn you?

3. Let Me Breathe… The Breathe Act

Glitzed up with neat images that draw in the reader and tweak the emotions, this is another facade dressed up in emotion and a plea for those longing to belong to something larger than themselves. But, did you know that the Breathe Act is an advocating proposal to defund the police, abolish all prisons and all sorts of punishment? Seriously?

You may wish to do a little research on M4BL, which is under the authority of the Electoral Justice for Black Lives, and subsequently under NoVo Foundation, which also contributes to the circular network of BLM.

These agendas are clearly meant to disrupt the United States Government and to destroy the unity of the people of the United States. Can we be smarter than these people assembling a master-agenda designed to cause chaos and confusion? I think we can. I know we can. There is nothing of the current outcry that is actually racially oriented. So many, including our well-meaning churches have fallen prey again to another “social justice” movement.

Ignorance and emotion are two very powerful contributing factors to the rise of socialism in the U.S. and around the world. There has never been a single case where it turned out well for those who believed they were fighting for “the people.” Social Justice Warriors have paved the way for division and dissension, and still do not understand the ignorance of their efforts in matters like this one. But, when well-meaning individuals who do not have all of the facts enter into a campaign without understanding all of the moving pieces, they can cause more harm than good. If Jesus had meant for his followers to launch campaigns like this one, he would certainly have “demonstrated” it for us – pun intended.

Cuba and Assata Shakur

4. Assata Shakur and Cuba – What’s the Connection to BLM??

Who’s that? Her real name is Joanne Deborah Chesimard (Assata Shakur). She is likely still living in Cuba and is on the FBI’s Most Wanted status for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement and Murder. There is evidence that Alicia Garza, co-founder of BLM has expressed that Shakur is her inspiration. Are you OK with this? Are you still thinking that BLM is about the lives of African Americans or has something to do with skin pigmentation? You may want to THINK again.

Shakur (Chesimard) was a well-trained militant domestic terrorist. She killed a state trooper in New Jersey and had other ties to bank robbery and other violent crime. Instead of me providing you the play-action, here’s the narrative from the Wanted Poster.

Joanne Chesimard is wanted for escaping from prison in Clinton, New Jersey, while serving a life sentence for murder. On May 2, 1973, Chesimard, who was part of a revolutionary extremist organization known as the Black Liberation Army, and two accomplices were stopped for a motor vehicle violation on the New Jersey Turnpike by two troopers with the New Jersey State Police. At the time, Chesimard was wanted for her involvement in several felonies, including bank robbery. Chesimard and her accomplices opened fire on the troopers. One trooper was wounded and the other was shot and killed execution-style at point-blank range. Chesimard fled the scene, but was subsequently apprehended. One of her accomplices was killed in the shoot-out and the other was also apprehended and remains in jail.

In 1977, Chesimard was found guilty of first degree murder, assault and battery of a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault
with intent to kill, illegal possession of a weapon, and armed robbery. She was sentenced to life in prison. On November 2, 1979, Chesimard escaped from prison and lived underground before being located in Cuba in 1984. She is thought to currently still be living in Cuba.

There is significant evidence to support the notion that Susan Rosenberg assisted in the effort to help Chesimard/Shakur escape and helped her relocate to Cuba. Can you see the connection to terrorism, crime and hate? You might want to research an organization called Assata’s Daughters.

When I use Assata’s powerful demand in my organizing work, I always begin by sharing where it comes from, sharing about Assata’s significance to the Black Liberation Movement, what it’s political purpose and message is, and why it’s important in our context.

A Herstory of the #blacklivesmatter movement, Alicia Garza, The Feminist Wire (10-07-2014)

There’s more. Actually, there’s a lot more. But, that’s not the point here. My hope is to just give you some trail-heads and some basic information to consider. If you want to dig deeper and go further, you can, and now you have the information you need to do that very thing. So, what about Cuba? Well, it’s hiding right there in the open.

Race is what people see. The AGENDA is something very different.

Apples to Apples – or Not?

As I write these blogs and narratives, I am conflicted as to whether I should share my own experiences with racism, my family’s, my children’s, my friends’ and many other circumstances of which I am aware first-hand. On the other hand, I’m not sure my own experience is necessary to address the truth of “matters.”

How about the nurse that killed the white man – or the black woman – or the brown homosexual man – or the Asian child – or the… you get the picture. Well, then, there’s the doctor that killed the man… the teacher who molested the child… the preacher who sexually abused the young person… and, the politician who abused his intern… or, how about the president who had an inappropriate affair while serving as POTOS… I’m guessing you get the picture.

So, let me ask you, does it make sense to “Defund the ______?____” Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Preachers, Politicians… or, maybe best yet… maybe we should just defund the Executive Office of the United States and declare we no longer need a President?

Does this all sound absurd to you? Me too. The problem is what happens in the heat of the moment and when we have our heart strings pulled. There isn’t an educated person in the United States that does not feel the burden of the African-American in our history. We know that there have been many injustices and abuses at the hands of whites – and blacks. But, let me ask you something. Do you really believe that things are still the way they were 70 years ago? 60 years ago? 50 years ago?

Please consider the words of Marilyn Singleton recently in the Christian Post:

Black activists complained that cities were run by White men. For years we’ve had Black mayors, chiefs of police, and school superintendents. Sadly, little has changed. As of 2013, only 59 percent of Black males finished high school. High school drop-outs have a 70 percent chance of going to prison. Black folks cannot partake of the opportunities in front of them without a good education. Many times, the worst teachers are shunted to poor neighborhoods with substandard schools. Meanwhile, “progressives” bow down to the unions and oppose school choice, and paradoxically champion the free flow of illegal aliens for cheap labor thus displacing Black high school drop-outs from these unskilled jobs.

Social Justice Warriors and White teenagers from well-heeled neighborhoods seem to think there were no successful Black folks until the SJWs decided to rescue us.

Let’s talk a little factual information before we move on. The truth is, African Americans control many urban centers of government across the United States. Mayors, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Urban Programs, Corrections, City & County Governments, and the list goes on… In many corridors of the military and federal government, it is the same demographic. I am aware of many circumstances where white people have been discriminated against and the motives were purely racial. I have also experienced this multiple times over my own career. However, even with this being the case, there is no excuse for racism or hate.

One Race – One Blood. Anything Less is a Lie.

It took a while, but in time, God granted me the ability to forgive and the desire to understand. That’s what began my journey into Freedom and set my life on the course to understand and to become involved. I have done my best to do that over the years and this article series and following book is another effort to bring unity among us as people – One Race.

Right now, as I write this blog, there are millions of white people across the United States asking themselves and others, what should be done, and what should they do? From police to pastors and doctors to dentists, nurses to nannies and firefighter to fraternities… America is confused and conflicted.

Would it make sense to start a movement called “White Lives Matter” to represent all of the white people assaulted, shot or killed by black people? Does it make you nervous as you read these words? Why? If we are REAL / Genuine, what is to fear – other than the hate being spewed by the ignorant and angry?

There are MANY black folks across the United States who are also sitting at home, around conference tables at their churches and places of business, in briefing rooms and truck cabs talking about how ridiculous this “movement” is… They are saying, “This doesn’t represent us!” Yet, what can they do? They too are afraid, because they have now been labeled with the hate and uneducated ignorance that was established as a facade by a political agenda seeking to thrust Marxism and Socialism into the mainstream without anyone actually knowing the difference. So what can we do?

I am going to address that in the third blog. There is a LOT we can do. However, we have to realize that we must UNITE and get very REAL about what is happening to our nation and culture. Our unique and beautiful cultures associated with our skin and ethnic origins should be a beautiful tapestry. Isn’t this what actually makes America great? We are the most innovative, adapting and overcoming culture on the planet – in history for that matter!

We have allowed our American culture of acceptance and inclusion to become manipulated for political gain. The war of the titans is crushing the economy and the people. But, here’s the real trap. We talked about it in the first article.

Social Intelligence Being Manipulated to Prepare for Socialism

The Trap

It’s easy to become focused on the shiny objects in front of you. As a matter of fact, that’s the bait. Police brutality – Defund the Police – Racism – Black Lives Matter – Social Equality – Racial Equality… These, my friends and brothers, are shiny objects designed to lure you away from seeing the larger picture.

The phrase “black lives matter” is something we can all agree on… we all believe this and we all believe in equality for all. Thing is, if you are kept focusing on this and give your money and time, you will then become vested – invested. Emotions then become attachments.

But, what if you were to ignore the shiny objects for a minute and THINK through what you are actually seeing. Marxism / Socialism: Let’s talk STRATEGY for a minute; For socialism to work, it requires a federalized enforcement arm. If I were planning battle strategy for the left – far left, meaning socialist agenda… I would recommend we start a race war. As a matter of fact, if I were a war planner from a hostile nation, I would set up corporations that were very difficult to track. I’d then compromise American values by creating circumstances through social media and through the exploitation of highly charged emotional incidents – like police confrontations.

What is the weak point for the United States? A war planner would look at the U.S. and very quickly look to the Civil War, realizing that the conflicts never ended between North and South, blacks and whites, haves – and have-nots. A nation weakened by its inherent need to “right wrongs” and a nation weakened by an emotional / social intelligence so easily manipulated is vulnerable to this level and type of attack.

Consider this: Instead of thinking about state and local law enforcement being defunded because of a pseudo-reform agenda, consider the exacerbation of hate producing division. If I wanted to prepare the nation for a socialistic leadership take-over, the very thing I would want to do is create disharmony among the people. It would need to be pushed to a level of “riots,” and protests to ensure the narrative could substantiate a level of turmoil that only a federal authority could counter. Remember, socialism requires a national enforcement arm.

A population of millions of people will take time to react to the non-rational stimulus of false accusations and chaos. The emotional agenda shrouded in an emotional plea that everyone agrees with buys time for the maneuvering of government. In other words, the battlefield has been prepared, or is being prepared for a socialist agenda. The ignorance of the people is the primary tool used by leaders of this socio-cultural philosophy.

In short, it does not make sense to continue the current path in support of what many believe to be “a phrase” and a “movement.” Doing so is adding to the bottom line of not only a huge minority vote swing in the elections, but also a violent and bloody future should a socialist government take power. There is no better way to turn a nation inside out than to create a ground swell shrouded in emotional ignorance.

What Can We Do? Can We Heal a Nation?

Yes. We can. You already know my bias is in Jesus. However, let me be more specific. In the last blog/article of this trilogy, I am going to dig deep into my own life and research. If it bothers you that I am a white male and that I have been involved in law enforcement at one level or another for more than three decades – I’m sorry. I am also a minister and have been involved in ministry for longer than that. I do have bias in my thinking. But, that’s why I have created these blogs. We need to talk. That’s where it begins.

Juneteenth & Emancipation

It’s odd to argue with people who really don’t know anything about either one of these words. How the color of one’s skin seems to license a person to talk about a matter seems as odd to me as the millions of self-proclaimed “experts” daily blasting away at all of their “friends” on Facebook.

We’re going to talk some about these two terms, the days and the ideologies they represent. Juneteenth is a modern day African-American holiday that celebrates the “end of slavery” in the U.S. Sadly, slavery did not end in 1865 as the founders and promoters of this holiday suggest. Reconstruction (most will say, “what’s that?”) ushered in some of the most brutal days the United States and the U.S. South have ever known. Did you know the last slave wasn’t freed until just before the United States entered into World War II? The days following the Civil War were nearly as tragic as the days before. As the Confederacy fell, it fell hard dragging with it a wake of hate and defiance. The Daughters of the Confederacy would propagate a false narrative that would be sown into schools, churches and wide-spread American culture called the “Lost Cause,” a doctrine designed to liberate Confederate General Robert E. Lee from his losses at Gettysburg and eventually the war.

We’ll talk some about these events and even dig some into the role of black troops in the Civil War. My family fought for the freedom of blacks and their own German kin at the time, who were also hated and maligned by many ignorant white Americans. If you don’t factually know history as it was, then you miss out on the beauty of our real American story.

Blacks and whites fought side by side during the last years of the Civil War. We worked together then – and we must learn to work together now. To win a fight – to win a war, you must have a clear objective. You must also know both yourself and your enemy, according to Sun Tsu, nearly 2500 years ago. In truth, not much has actually changed in the hearts of men or mankind. We are still sinful, and we still put ourselves before others. But, I believe we can rise above these ashes. I believe we can win this fight and make a better place for our children.

I hope this article has been helpful and I hope you will use it to wage peace in your own community. Pastors, I hope you will use this information and the next blog to build strength and community in your local church. We can do this. But, if it is going to work, we will have to do it TOGETHER.

©2020 davidHENDERMAN

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